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for Offshore, Oil & Gas, Power, and Marine Sectors

Who we are

We are engineering solution providers for Offshore, Oil & Gas, Power, and Marine sectors. From innovative concept design to detailed production engineering, we have it covered. We also offer solutions for a variety of analyses of floating structures.

Our team has unparalleled expertise in the analysis of Offshore Floating, and installation of Fixed Offshore Structures. Our focus is on unique and cost-effective solutions for our clients.


Our services include Oil and Gas fixed Platforms, Subsea Pipelines, J-Tubes, Umbilical, Jack-up drilling rigs, self-elevated lift boats, mobile offshore drilling units to mobile offshore production units conversions, wind farm installation vessel design, onshore tank farm upgrading, verification & certification, structural integrity management and advanced engineering technical consultancy projects.

jack-up vessel design.jpg

Jack-up Vessel

We deliver customized jack-up solutions to our clients. The legacy GL-Noble Denton unit is the pioneer in the middle east market when it comes to concept, basic & detail engineering solutions.

Onshore & Subsea Pipelines.jpg

Onshore & Subsea

From FEED to Detail Design, we have vast experience in providing engineering solutions for offshore and onshore pipelines along with installation engineering for the pipelines and cables.

Construction Supervision & Support.jpg

Construction Supervision & Support

Yojak Engineering has been providing site assistance and construction supervision services to our clients. The knowledge and skills we have in design engineering come in handy when we assist our clients.


Simulation of Floating Marine Structures

We provide preservice analysis for fixed offshore structures and Multi Body Floating Structures. We have a cloud-based system for dynamic positioning of Vessels and fuel requirements prediction.

Fixed Offshore Installations.jpg

Offshore Installations

We have a collective experience of more than 100 years in providing engineering services for fixed offshore installations starting from pre-bid engineering and up to commissioning.

Asset Life Extention and SIM.jpg

Asset Life Extention and SIM

We have the top solution provider in the Middle East for brownfield engineering. We have successfully completed many projects on SIM & ALE and helped contractors to have most effective solutions. 

Conversion & Modification Engg.jpg

Conversion & Modification Engineering

Well engineered converions and modifications can give you cost-effective products and solutions. Our skills amaze our clients in such cases as we are experts to make the impossible possible.

Transportation & Installation Engineering.jpg

Transportation & Installation Engineering

Our naval architects and structural engineers have delivered many T&I engineering projects in the past. Our clients keep coming back to us for our expertise in providing cost-effective tie-down solutions. 

Advanced Engineering Consultancy.jpg

Advanced Engineering Consultancy

Our team believes in enhancing its skills and extending its reaches. Our engineers and designers are keeping up the pace with latest tools in the industry to provide any advanced engineering solutions.

Marine Warranty Survey.jpg

Marine Warranty

We are collaborating with MASSTRANS, Singapore to provide MWS services to our clients in the Middle East, Africa & India.

Cloud-based Simulation of Floating Marine Structures

We have web-based applications for preservice analysis of fixed offshore structures, multi-body floating structures, and the dynamic positioning of vessels with fuel requirements predictions.


Dynamic Simulation of Offshore


Analysis capabilities: Mooring,

Stability (AKG), Floatation, Upend,

Multi-body Statics & Dynamics.

Real time 3D visualization of

simulation. Ability to pan-zoomorbit

while the simulation is



Properties of beams of arbitarily complex cross sections.

The application solves multiple

boundary value problems of 2-D

Laplace equation with Dirichlet

and Neumann boundary

conditions using Finite Element



Analysis of Dynamic Positioning


The application computes DP

configuration to resist given

steady forces. It also computes

maximum steady forces the

system is capable of countering.

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