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of Offshore Structures

Jack-up Solutions

We are known for our unique competency in the area of jack-up vessel designs. Our projects include all types of Jack-up vessels such as:


1. Concept / Basic Design

With over 7 years of experience in the field of designing Jack up vessels, we are a leading firm in the Middle East for the Concept/Basic design of Jack Up vessels which include up to 400 ft drilling rigs and 400ft lift boats.

The following engineering scopes are covered in this phase.

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Arrangements and Layouts

  • Basic Piping and Electrical

  • Outfitting

  • In place analysis

  • Global Hull Strength analysis

  • Spud Can Penetration and

  • Extraction Analysis

  • Foundation Stability Analysis

  • Intact and Damage Stability analysis

  • Fatigue analysis

  • CFD analysis

  • FEM Analysis

  • DP Capability Analysis

  • Jacking System design

  • Drill Floor and Cantilever Analysis

  • LQ and Helideck Design

  • Crane Pedestal Analysis

2. Detail Design

We are experienced in undertaking detail engineering works of Jack-up vessels. The team is capable of delivering all the detail engineering drawings and structural analysis for the detail engineering phase which include:

  • Detailed Layouts and Arrangements

  • Detailed Structural Drawings

  • Detailed Steel Outfit

  • Equipment Sizing and Layout

  • Procurement Assistance

  • Detailed Piping and Electrical Cable Tray Routing


3. Refurbishments & Conversions

We provide all necessary support for refurbishment/conversion projects. We also assist with innovative and cost-effective solutions during these projects. The team carries out FEED & feasibility studies and also extends our service to Basic/Detail Engineering phases. We can provide on-site assistance as well.

4. Production Drawings

The designers have developed their skills over the major marine drafting and 3D software which include AVEVA Marine, Tribon, TEKLA, PDMS, AUTODESK AUTOCAD 3D/2D, AUTODESK INVENTOR etc. The team holds an excellent track record of quality and timely delivery of production drawings to the yard.

5. Project Management & Construction Supervision

Our project management team has been

helping clients in the smooth and efficient running of projects around the globe. We have dedicated resources assisting our clients at the site to monitor the daily activities by working closely with the engineering and designing team in the office as well as in the construction site.

Fixed Offshore Installations

With an excellent track record, we have proved our proficiency in FEED/BASIC and DETAIL design of fixed and mobile offshore assets. We provide design and consultancy services for all the assets associated with fixed and mobile offshore platforms which include:


1. Feed / Basic Design

Our design team has the capability to carry out the FEED/Basic Design of Fixed Offshore Platforms. The technical competency surpasses the following list:

  • Detailed Dynamic In-place Analysis

  • Deterministic and Spectral Fatigue Assessment

  • Seismic Analysis

  • Ship Impact Analysis

  • Blast Analysis

  • Random Wave / Time Domain Analysis

  • Pile Drivability Analysis

  • DAF Calculations

  • Pile Capacity Curves

2. Detail Design

Working closely with our strong engineering team, our designers are more than capable of delivering the detailed engineering scope of work for fixed offshore platforms.

The designers are proficient in the following aspects:

  • Detailed Layout and Arrangements

  • Detailed Structural Drawings

  • Detailed Steel Outfitting

  • Procurement Assistance

  • Detailed Piping and Electrical Cable Tray Routing


3. Structural Integrity Management System (SIMS)

This is particularly important as many offshore installations are now reaching or exceeding their original anticipated design life. We have developed a comprehensive framework for the Structural Integrity Management System (SIMS) of fixed jacket structures where we analyze the effects of:

  • Deterioration damage

  • Changes in loading and

  • Accidental overloading on the structure


4. Project Management & Construction Supervision

Our project management team has been helping clients in the smooth and efficient running of projects around the globe. The team has a set of dedicated resources in assisting our clients at the site to monitor the daily activities at the site and providing them with the solution by working closely with the engineering and designing team in the office as well as in the construction site.

Onshore & Sub-sea Pipelines

We provide engineering solutions to both onshore and offshore pipelines and other subsea assets. The team is familiar with the tools used in the industry such as DNV SESAM Pipelines, Orcaflex, CAESAR, OFFPIPE etc. By working closely with other departments, the team can deliver in the following areas:


1. Feed / Basic / Detail Design

Our pipeline engineers have a track record of providing design services for offshore pipelines and subsea assets. The team is proficient in numerous areas, such as:

  • Specifications

  • Wall Thickness/Concrete Coating Thickness Calculation

  • Alignment Sheets

  • On-Bottom Stability

  • Fatigue Assessment

  • Free Span Analysis

  • On-Bottom Roughness Analysis

  • Laying Curvature and Profile

  • Upheaval Buckling Calculation

  • Thermal Expansion Calculations

2. Installation Engineering

Our team is capable of carrying out installation engineering activities for pipeline installations. Our skills in modern tools such as ORCAFLEX, MOSES, etc. help us to carry out similar engineering works for installation activities.

  • Motion and Mooring Analysis

  • Vessel Selection for the Limiting Environment

  • Pipeline Stress Analysis

  • Stinger Design Check

  • Cable Pulling Analysis


3. Corrosion Assessment

Strength assessment is carried out as per the actual measured thicknesses for the pipeline to withstand the desired operation and desired environmental conditions which include the effects of wave and current. The various aspects of chances of failure are considered in this study.


4. Hydraulic Analysis

Stress analysis for various pipelines and flexibles is done using tools like CAESAR II for three design cases.

  • Operation

  • Hydro-test

  • Installation

FPSO Solutions

Our team has the capabilities to provide FPSO Solutions including design of the following modules;

  • ​​Gas Dehydration Module

  • PW Treatment and Injection Module

  • Oil Separation Module

  • Bulk Separator Module

  • Utilities Treatment Module

  • Power Generation Module

  • Crude Separation Module

  • Gas Processing Module


Advanced Engineering Consultancy

Other than the competencies listed under Fixed Offshore Platforms, Jack-Up Vessels, and Subsea Assets ODL provides advanced engineering consultancy and advisory services for our oil/gas clients to provide them with unique solutions and efficient recommendations in their projects.


1. Offshore / Onshore Lifts

Our team provides engineering services for the heavy lift operations including heavy lifts using strand jacks. The scope covers the following studies.

  • Rigging design

  • Stability and Loading Conditions of Offshore crane

  • vessel during lift

  • Motions and Mooring Analysis of the Crane Vessel

  • Lifting Point Design and Overall Structural Integrity

2. DP Capability Analysis

The study defines the DP vessel’s station keeping capability under given environmental conditions and for proposed thruster configuration in typical operating and failure modes. The DP capability plot is made for

  • Maximum sustainable wind at a given wave and current & thruster rating

  • Maximum thruster utilization at a given set of environments


3. Special Purpose Designs

Our clients always can approach for engineering solutions literally for any problems that they might face in their field of operation. We can so work in detail to understand the criticality of the problem and the need of the client so we can come up with customized designs and solutions that suit best to our clients such as

  • Heavy Duty Blast Door Design.

  • Locking Mechanism for Legs for Jack-Up Vessels.

  • Hull Strength Check for Lift Boat during Trailer Load Out

4. FMEA Studies for Jacking System & DP


The failure mode effect analysis is one of the crucial documents in which one can predict the integrity and the intactness of the system. Yojaken is the expert in providing FMEA studies for the jacking system and DP system no matter what is the type of system.

5. Stability, Motion, and Mooring Analysis

Our Naval Architects are experts in the area of hydrodynamics and have been providing consultancy services for various marine and offshore operations.The team is proficient with modern tools such as NAPA, MAXSURF, MOSES, MIMOSA, ORCAFLEX etc. to provide our clients with reliable advisory services for their marine operations.

T & I Engineering

Yojak Engineering is the most efficient solution provider when it comes to engineering for transportation & installation of offshore assets. The collective experience of structural engineers and naval architects guide our clients to the best fit installation methods, low risk, and cost-effective solutions. This is why the leading oil/gas contractors trust ODL to assist them in their projects.

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